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Roger Dombrovski got his start in the meat business working his way through the ranks at some of the nation's largest meat processing companies. As he began to learn and love the business he had the desire to one day, operate his very own USDA Inspected meat processing facility. In May of 1975, he realized that dream. Roger and his wife, Mary, purchased Herges Meat Market from the Ed and Josephine Herges family. Soon after the purchase, Roger and Mary moved their family to Foley, MN to begin their life as business owners. As time went on, their 4 children joined as partners in the business. Now, over 30 years later, the family tradition lives on.

In the early days, Dombrovski Meats serviced only the Foley area. What began as a local butcher shop with a retail store, has now turned into a wholesale manufacturer and national distributor of the highest quality meat products. Through the years, our emphasis has been on the pizza and Italian industries with products like: Canadian Style Bacon, Pepperoni and Fresh Italian Sausage. As customer wants and needs changed, so did we. We have added in Organic, Natural and Halal lines. Also, our fresh and cooked link sausage programs have gained in popularity. And most recently, we have added an Authentic Hickory Smoked BBQ line of Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken and Baby Back Ribs.

As our company adapts to ever changing markets, we look to the 3rd generation for fresh ideas and perspectives on how we can continue our legacy into the future. We promise to follow our founding principles of providing the highest quality products, prepared in the safest conditions with superior customer service. By following our proven formula, we ensure our customers will continue to Taste The Tradition for years to come.

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Pat Dombrovski